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We all want a quick fix solution, right? Especially when it comes to weight loss. We want to go hard and fast for a short period of time, get quick results and…well, then what? Keep the fat off and maintain that progress we made, right?

But how often does that happen? Even if you don’t know the exact stats, it probably wouldn’t surprise you too much if I told you roughly 90% of people who lose a lot of weight regain just about all of it.

Statistic cited from:

But why is that? Why has fat loss become this impossible puzzle that so many of us are struggling to solve, even after seeing amazing results for a period of time?

Well, personally, from helping over 20,000 men and women over 40 reach their ideal fat loss goals, I believe it comes down to a faulty approach. Quick-fix solutions and diets aren’t reliable for long term results, so I believe there’s a better strategy. One that lies in the story I want to share with you in this video. Because it’s a real-life example of how long term goals are best achieved.

This is the true story about the historic race between two expedition groups who set out to be the first to reach the south pole. One American and one Norwegian. And the interesting part and valuable moral of the story comes from the fact that each group took very different approaches, but only one succeeded. While the other unfortunately perished.

As you’ll discover, the group that succeeded made consistent, moderate progress each day. They used a slow and steady approach that kept them on track and moving forward at a sustainable pace.

And although it may sound a little far fetched, the approach that the group who failed is a near-perfect example of why so many of us do not succeed and/or maintain long term fat loss goals. So I believe there’s a lot to be learned from the morals of this story if you want to make weight loss a life long transformation, and maybe it will help give you some answers.


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