The Seated Arnold Press Exercise Guide – Discover The Proper Form & Routine Recommendations


Learn how to perform the Seated Arnold Press correctly with the optimal reps and sets.

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-Step 1: Sit on a bench, with either a slight decline from 90 degrees or completely vertical.

-Step 2: Hold the dumbbells on your knees to start, then kick them up into a normal shoulder press position, with your arms at 90 degrees and the dumbbells level with your ears.

-Step 3: Breathing out and squeezing the grip as tight as you can, press the dumbbells up overhead, bringing them slightly in front of your head.

*Tip: You can touch the dumbbells together at the top of the movement, to make sure you get the squeeze into your shoulders.

-Step 4: Breathing in, lower the dumbbells back down to the start point, then rotate them inwards in front of your face.

*Note: At the lowest point, your upper arms should be parallel to the floor and your palms facing you.

-Step 5: Breathing out, rotate your arms back out, and press the weight upwards as in step 3. Repeat for the prescribed number of reps and sets.

** Pro Tip #1: We recommend you go slightly lighter in weight than with a normal shoulder press.

** Pro Tip #2: We recommend starting with 12-15 reps for 3 sets after you have done a bigger shoulder exercise.

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