The Sumo Deadlift vs Conventional Deadlifts: The Proper Form & Unique Benefits of The Sumo Variation


How does the sumo deadlift compare to the conventional variation?
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It’s no secret that the deadlift is a staple of any total body and leg workout routine. But what about the sumo deadlift variation? Is there a benefit to incorporating it into your routine in place of a traditional deadlift occasionally? And what’s the proper form, set, rep, and routine recommendations?

Well, because I believe the sumo deadlift is an effective variation of the traditional deadlift, I put together this exercise tutorial explaining everything you need to know. So if you’re a guy out there who experiences any discomfort with a traditional deadlift, or you want a leg exercise that allows you to lift a heavier weight to work your glutes and quads more, dive into this tutorial and discover the fundamentals of the sumo deadlift.

The Sumo Deadlift vs The Traditional Deadlift – Basics (0:30)

When looking at the sumo variation of any exercise, whether it’s a deadlift, squat, etc., the man difference is that we’re going to be taking a much wider stance than the traditional exercise. And in terms of the deadlift, this is particularly advantageous because it takes some of the weight off our lower back and allows us to use a heavier weight to target core muscles.

The Sumo Deadlift Form Demonstration (1:30)

To do the sumo deadlift properly, again, you want to address the bar with a wide stance with your hips angled slightly outwards. This is going to open up your range of motion and allow you to drag the bar close to your body to maintain the proper deadlift form. Your hand placement can stay around shoulder width, but make sure the bar starts close to your shins in order to keep your posture and lift in line and straight upwards.

The Main Key Form Point of The Sumo Deadlift (2:14)

This is worth singling out. And it goes for both the sumo deadlift and the traditional deadlift. As you’ll see in this part of the tutorial, before you even lift the bar, you want to bring your chest up and start to sit back to begin the motion. You should almost feel the bar come up off the ground at this point, and this is going to really engage your quads, glutes, and hamstrings throughout the exercise, along with helping you maintain the proper posture.

Sets, Reps and Routine Recommendations For The Sumo Deadlift (3:28)

As promised I’m going to breakdown some of the recommendations I have for you on incorporating the sumo deadlift into your training. Here’s the basic overview of what you’ll discover:

– Use a heavy weight
– Put it at the beginning of your workout
– Doing 5 sets of 5 reps is a great place to start
– Well paired with good mornings, stiff legged deadlifts, and flute ham raises
– Train twice per week to improve your technique

So I hope this exercise tutorial on how to do the sumo deadlift correctly gave you some insight on how to get started this week. Again, if you’re looking for alternatives to a traditional deadlift to incorporate into your leg routine, this exercise is a great option. It allows you to go a little heavier by taking some of the work off your lower back so you can target your quads and glutes more than the traditional deadlift. But again, both are great options, and the best option is to alternate between them to get the best, most well-rounded results.

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