Toccara Jones Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Workout, Before and After


An American Fashion model, TV personality, Singer, and Actress. Toccara Jones was born on March 13, 1981. Her full name is Toccara Elaine Jones.

Jones has modeled for many magazines and done many TV shows. She is a successful tv personality.

Recently, she had gone through a weight loss journey and lost a significant amount of weight. In this article, we will discuss her complete journey how it started and where it is now.

Weight Loss Journey

Toccara Jones’s weight loss journey started in 2008. In the second season of Celebrity Fit Club, she lost around 32 lb weight to get down to 173 lbs.

Because she thought it will be good for her career and she wanted to make her body shape more attractive and beautiful.

She wanted to weigh around 180 at that time. But Toccara gain 14 lbs back and appeared on the Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp. Her weight was around 166 pounds when she ended the show.

During those years she was working on herself working out daily and having a healthy diet plan. But after some time, she took a break and started gaining some weight.

She stopped working out and then started feeling miserable. Her body got out of shape and she was feeling fatigued. She wanted to improve. Then she started working on herself again.

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How did Toccara Jones Lose Weight?

It wasn’t a complicated process. She started her workout routines and healthy eating habits. Then after doing continuously for months, she started getting some positive results. Her body started getting into an attractive shape. She started feeling more energetic than before.

Diet Plan

Toccara added vegetables, protein, and healthy drinks to her diet plan. She stopped drinking cold drinks. Before every meal, she had a glass of water, and then she starts her meal.

She always had light meals. Toccara followed a simple diet plan. Many people are saying that she joined a weight loss program but Toccara didn’t acknowledge that.

Workout Plan

Toccara Jones aerobics

Toccara was strict on her workout plan. In the starting, she did easy exercises but after some weeks she started pushing herself a little extra.

She does aerobics for an hour daily.  This makes her feel energetic for the day. Toccara also attends yoga sessions sometimes.

Toccara Jones aerobics 2

Before & After Weight Loss

Toccara Jones before after weight loss

After doing continuous workouts for months she started getting into an attractive shape. Her weight loss journey was completely natural.

Toccara didn’t use any supplements or surgery in order to make her weight loss journey easy. She wanted to have a naturally healthy body and she got one.

Toccara achieved her desired health and attractive body by doing work for it consistently and didn’t give up. She knew it will open a lot of opportunities in her career and it did. She announced her new show Thick House this year.

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Where is Toccara Jones Now?

She is living a healthy life and started working on her new show Thick House.


Toccara is doing great in her career and after achieving her weight loss goals, she started living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

If you are also struggling with weight loss then just start doing some small actions toward your goal of losing weight and eventually you will get successful and reach your destination.

You don’t need any supplements, sugary and complicated strict diet plan. Just start taking little steps and do it for some months. You will start getting results. Thanks.

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