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ALL standing, NO jumping, NO squats, NO lunges, NO cardio | MODERATE dumbbells | MODERATE day | INCLUDES warm up and cool down

We’ve got SQUAT-FREE STRENGTH today in a workout that will help increase your bone? density, improve your muscle? mass, and promote body strength in general. And the cherry? on top is that it’s FUN!

Find all SEVEN WORKOUTS in the February Challenge here:

You’ve probably heard the expression “strong as an ox”?, and although I don’t think we’ll be taking on any bovines today, I DO know that this routine will leave you feeling EMPOWERED and RESILIENT?. We’re redefining healthy aging!

This quote from the AARP website really opened my eyes? to the importance of workouts like today’s:
“Most muscle loss comes from not using your muscles enough as you age, rather than aging itself. Using your muscles regularly will help them stay strong and firm, regardless of age, an important reason for older adults to strength train.”

And I’ve got you covered today! We’re using MODERATE dumbbells in a doable routine that consists of three mini circuits. We’re getting stronger from top to bottom? (even though we’re actually we’re starting in the middle)!

If you’re ready to jump right in? (with no jumping!), I’m ready. Let’s go!

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Timer is set for 40-second intervals; there are three mini circuits; complete each circuit twice in a row; there is NO REST


Mini Circuit 1
X Marks the Spot
Side Bends
Twisting High Knees
Knees to Elbows

Mini Circuit 2
Alternating Press Ups
Lat Pull Downs
Tricep Kick Backs
High Knee Curls

Mini Circuit 3
Slow Standing Half Circles (one side)
Slow Standing Half Circles (opposite side)
Side Raises (one side)
Side Raises (opposite side)

FINISHER (one interval on each side):
Drinky Birds w/Press Ups



Everything You NEED TO KNOW about WEIGHT LOSS at 50 and Beyond:

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❤ Pahla B – your BEST fitness friend! ❤

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Welcome to our page that will help you lose weight in a safe and effective way. Take some time and watch the free videos on weight loss help, exercise videos and so much more. Also we have links to many of the tools you need to get into shape.


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