Trek Ireland in Glendalough DVD – Guided Virtual Walking Tours of Ireland – Explore Ireland from Home – Indoor Scenic Exercise Workout – Local History and Heritage


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Engage your senses and boost your treadmill workout with an immersive, interactive journey through Ireland’s countryside with a local guide! Each Trek Ireland DVD contains an introduction, two scenic viewpoints, and four virtual walks.
Monastic City and the Green Road – 25:00 
Explore the 1,000 year-old Monastic City, visiting the Round Tower, Cathedral, the High Cross, and St. Kevin’s Church before continuing to the Upper Lake. 

Poulanaas Waterfall, Reefert Church, and Saint Kevin’s Cell – 25:00
Start in a sunlit forest, walk up to Poulanaas waterfall, enjoying the sounds of nature while you visit an early-Christian church and Saint Kevin’s Cell.

The Spinc – 30:00
Climb 600 boardwalk steps to fabulous panoramic views above the valley and the two lakes. It’ll take your breath away!

Upper Lake and the Miner’s Road – 40:00
Enjoy a sun-lit walk along lake-shore, under the cover of thousands of larch trees, to an abandoned miner’s village at the head of the valley, where evocative stone buildings reflect the pre-industrialized era of the early 19th century.

Each virtual walk has a local interactive guide who describes the history and local folklore of the places you are visiting. Get fit and healthy while exploring Ireland’s beautiful scenic walks, local history and culture!
Order your Trek Ireland DVD and start your journey today!

LONG DURATION: Each treadmill workout DVD includes 3 hours of scenic footage!
VARYING SCENERY & GRADIENTS : 4 x Virtual walks of climbing a mountain, wandering through forests, walking along quiet lake shore, and exploring ancient archaeological ruins!
PROFESSIONAL RECORDING : Professional cameras give your daily exercise workout an immersive virtual walking environment.
IRELAND’S HERITAGE & CULTURE : Learn about Irish history and folklore from a local guide!
List Price: $18.50

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