Vince Herbert Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Surgery, Before and After


Vince has always been successful in whatever he did. He was class president in his school.

After Vince entered the music industry, he has achieved milestone after another milestone. Herbert is a songwriter, record producer, record executive, and founder of Streamline Records.

Vince has always surprised us with his great music. However, recently he surprised his fans in a very SURPRISING WAY. This time, it was not Vince’s music but rather it was his appearance that shocked his fans. When, after months, he appeared on the red carpet, Herbert was unrecognizable.

He was way lighter than before. Vince has lost 100 pounds over the course of time. It was the most shocking moment for his followers. Soon after seeing the new Vince, fans rushed to the internet and started trying to find out what happened.

Many thought that Herbert was sick or he was fighting some kind of illness. However, in reality, there was no such thing. Yes, he had some health issues but weight loss was not the result of that. In fact, he chose to lose weight to fight these issues.

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Why did Herbert Lose Weight?

Throughout his music career, Herbert didn’t have much time to take care of his health. His eating habits got very disturbed and he couldn’t even find time for exercise. As a result, Vince started gaining extra weight.

Slowly and gradually his weight started slowing him down. The alarming moment came when Vince felt pain in the chest. He rushed to the doctor, who informed Vince that he was having multiple blood clots and has to undergo surgery in order to lose weight.

Describing the situation, his then-wife, Tamar Braxton, said, “He had seven blood clots and what I do want to say about that is you’ve got to be really careful. You’ve got to get checked to make sure that your blood is not too thick.”

Vince’s Weight Loss Journey

After finding out about the blood clots, Herbert started taking his health seriously. He embarked on the journey to lose weight. As the doctor suggested, Vince underwent surgery. And not one surgery but multiple surgeries.

Talking with People, Braxton said,I had to be very supportive of him, he had a couple of surgeries. Not like really cosmetic surgeries, but like medical surgeries to help him to lose weight because he had medical problems due to the weight.”

After the surgeries were done, Herbert now had to maintain discipline in his life. He had to change his whole diet plan in order to remain healthy.

Diet Plan

The main reason behind Vince’s weight gain was his love for fast food. He couldn’t get more of it. Grabbing a pizza or burgers was a part of his daily routine. And it would not go down without soda. So, basically, it was all a recipe for gaining weight.

But of course, Herbert didn’t know at that time how much eating habits will cost him. Now, it all had to be stopped. Otherwise, Vince would have to face serious consequences. Of course, giving up what you love is not easy. Herbert had a hard time giving up fast food but he got over it.

Now, he focused on a more healthy diet. He started eating vegetables and fruits instead of pizza. And in place of soda, Vince chose between gorge and carrot juices. At first, it was hard to stick to this diet but Vince knew that it was in his best interest and his mere health was on the stack.

This new healthy diet helped him in keeping his health after surgery and also proved to be efficient in losing further weight. He switched to this diet plan and now strictly follows it.

Workout Plan

The doctor also advised Vince to keep moving. Vince was told that if he kept sitting in one place and didn’t do exercise to burn calories, he would regain the lost weight, which is not less than a nightmare. Herbert started going for walks in the morning and evening.

He would walk for an hour. Vince also took the help of the ancient practice of yoga to keep his mind at peace while drastically changing his daily routine. Herbert would also engage in sports activities such as swimming and cycling.

Before & After Weight Loss

Vince Herbert before after weight loss

Before undergoing surgery and starting a weight loss journey, Vince weighed about 300 pounds, an alarming situation. However, after he lost 100 pounds, his current weight is between 200 to 190 pounds, a big improvement.

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Final Words

Yes, Herbert was facing serious health issues. The blood clots in his body could have caused a heart attack but he didn’t despair after finding out about them. Rather, he fought them and in the end, overcame his health issues. He now lives a healthy life and encourages others to do so.

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