Walk At Home Walk Run Lift Band Bag Bundle with 7 Ring Resistance Bands, Happy Walking Firm Band, 3 Workout DVDs and Drawstring Bag for Home Workout Walking Exercise


51UkAp2PwcL. AC514lVFqpZyL. AC51aNzucN7HL. AC51SwRSRnVvL. AC51U+N51Yub7POEWL. AC, buynow3, WALK, RUN and LIFT your way to a new at-home fitness routine. Walk Run Lift home workout is a full body, circuit training style workout consisting of circuits of walking, running, and lifting. Walk Run Lift full body workouts can burn more calories than a stroll around the park! This workout challenges muscles all over the body. With arm-toning, belly-slimming and leg-sculpting moves, it’s next-level walking that conditions EVERYTHING! Multi-muscle moves that are easy to follow so participants can build intensity. Movement is engineered to the beats per minute of popular music. More muscle engagement leads to higher calorie burn and more muscle tone. This workout session maximizes the efficiency of your exercise time by using strategic interval movements that create results. Strength training is a fundamental element of fitness that will never go away! BENEFITS OF RESISTANCE TRAINING: Better Mobility, Improves Bone Density & Decreases Risk of Osteoporosis, Maintains Healthy Muscle Mass, Enhances Balance & Coordination, Increases Energy, Elevates Mood and Boosts Weight Loss. This Cardio + Strength Training session conditions your arm, back, core & legs as you walk thousands of steps. Transformative, full-body walks with resistance bands are a great way to challenge your body and get results in fun new ways! Just about every muscle group can be worked using our 7-Ring Resistance Bands and Happy Walking Firm band. These resistance bands are lightweight, affordable and easy to transport when taking your workouts on the go! Let’s WALK towards our fitness goals today! PERFECT GIFT: Our workout equipment bag is also a perfect gift for any occasion! We offer workout options for everybody, no matter where they are on their fitness journey! This workout bundle is a perfect personal trainer gift, fitness gift for women, fitness gift for men and more! You can also use these as gifts for special occasion like Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, or even as a birthday gift!
WORKOUT EQUIPMENT BUNDLE KIT : Our Walk Run Lift workout bundle kit includes the following: 7 ring resistance bands (Red, Yellow, Gray), Happy Walking Firm Band, Walk Run Lift Workout DVDs (20, 30 and 40 min workout DVD), Happy Walking Gloves, App Postcard, 14 Day Calendar and Drawstring Bag
WALK RUN LIFT WORKOUT DVD: The series includes a 20, 30 and 40-minute video workout; the WALK & the RUN segments are designed to target the cardiovascular system using the beat of the music; this cardio will build endurance to keep us moving strong throughout our daily lives; the LIFT segment focuses on resistance training using our 7 ring stretch band or Happy Walking Firm Band to help sculpt muscle with moves that will help improve body alignment and overall strength.
ADJUSTABLE 7 RING RESISTANCE BANDS: Add multiple levels of resistance to your training; this innovative elastic band features 7 rings that are used as handles or straps; to adjust the resistance levels of the workout band, you change grip handles for more or less resistance as needed
STRETCHING EQUIPMENT: Adjustable resistant bands are perfect for stretching to increase flexibility and improve range of motion; this adjustable resistance band seconds as physical therapy equipment and aides in injury recovery and prevention
WORKOUT EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE: This portable home gym exercise equipment is very compact so you can take it anywhere and exercise easily and set up quickly; it comes with a drawstring bag so that you can bring this walking and resistance bands workout to your home office work area, gym, park, or anywhere you go; it is indeed a good travel workout equipment, $99.99, $99.99


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