WALK FITNESS DVD – Walk off the weight & feel great! Maximize your metabolism, build strength, stamina & muscle. Walk and firm exercise videos Walking workout exercise DVD Low impact workout DVD


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Grab your sneakers & a bottle of water and join me for 2 of my most fun workouts yet.  Walking Express & Stronger Walk.  We will walk and talk, enjoying the beautiful background views as we burn calories & get stronger together. No need for a treadmill.  You will need minimal space and light dumbbells are optional. These walking workouts are perfect for all skill levels and are easy to follow.  Curtis Adams, host of national television series Vitality 4 Life, will keep you motivated and excited to work out again. This fitness program is specifically created using low impact aerobic walking movements to burn calories & fat without any jumping or jarring that will strengthen and tone your entire body plus target your core with bonus abs movements (never done on the floor).  Try it out risk free with our 100% money back guarantee.  
BOOST YOUR BURN- get moving indoors rain or shine to walk away the pounds with this fat burning walk
WALK STRONG- workouts include strength training, upper body sculpt & lower body walk and firm.
WALK ON- rack up your daily step count. No floor work. No need for treadmill. Minimal space required
EFFICIENT- easy to follow moves that focus on balance, cardio & strength all while you walk
BONUS CORE- build strong abs & develop a supportive core to help with posture & lower back pain.
WALK AWAY BELLY FAT- these fat burning walking DVDs exercise videos are fun to do & build stamina.
WALKING EXERCISE DVD- complete program from warm up to cooldown including stretching & balance.
List Price: $19.99

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