Weight loss challenge for beginners | 2016 #BB40Challenge ( 2016 DIET )


BeerBiceps brings you the SIMPLEST, MOST effective weight loss challenge you’ll ever come across. Watch the video and figure out how this DIET ONLY challenge can take you to a new plane of fitness.

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How to beat cravings : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYpXYsM4nm8

Just how bad is SUGAR for you?
So you’re out with your family. Just had a heavy dinner. But oh wait, you’re suddenly craving ice cream or gulab jamun. If you’re a regular Indian, chances are that you’ll give in to that craving.
One of the worst things about India in terms of fitness-education is the lack of awareness when it comes to SUGAR. Ask a regular desi housewife what’s more unhealthy – Non veg or dessert. 99 out of 100 will say non veg.
This is a prime example of Indians getting it wrong, AGAIN.
I’ve spoken about sugar in a bunch of my previous videos, BECAUSE its literally one of the worst foods you can put inside your body. It’s the ULTIMATE devil food. Your brain reacts to it the same way brains react to cocaine. Your brain gets ADDICTED to sugar. Parents all over the world are unknowingly making their children addicts. And that is one of the world’s biggest health issues.
Everyone wants to lose weight but everyone wants short cuts. The only short cut you’ll ever need is this – You cut off sugar from your diet and you’ll never have weight issues again.
Today’s video is super special because it’s the first WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE I’m launching through BeerBiceps. I bring you the #BB40Challenge 2016 – 2016 diet
Since New Year’s is just around the corner, I figured it’s a fantastic time to launch this open challenge. The best part about BB40 is that its purely a diet challenge. The only obstacle you’ll have to overcome is food. More specifically sugar.
Sugar addiction is one of the worst worldwide epidemics currently and I want to help YOU overcome it.
So watch the video, and log on to my official facebook page www.facebook.com/beerbiceps to join our cause at FIT INDIA.

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