Your Ultimate Guide to a Low Carb Halloween


Your Ultimate Guide to a Low Carb Halloween

Low carb Halloween recipes

Here’s a scary fact: Industry reports suggest kids can consume up to three cups of sugar and sometimes close to 7,000 calories on Halloween. And it certainly doesn’t help if you also find yourself raiding the candy stash. You can mitigate the effects of this potential sugar rush with some tried-and-true tips. Keep reading for everything you need to have a fun, festive (and almost sugar-free) Halloween.

Not-So-Scary Halloween Tricks

You can kick off the festivities with delicious low carb meals to feed your goblins and ghosts before or after trick or treating, some fun snacks and low carb desserts that will quelch your sugar cravings, plus low carb cocktails and mocktails for the grown-ups.

4 Low Carb Halloween Tips

Low Carb Halloween Dessert Recipes

Low Carb Halloween Cocktails and Mocktails

Low Carb and Keto Halloween Treats

Chocolate peanut cups? Peppermint patties? Caramel clusters? You can satisfy your urge for Halloween candy with by keeping your own low carb and keto versions of a variety of your favorite Halloween treats on hand.

Keto Treats

Low Carb Treats

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